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MCJ AMA: Peter Minor & Jack Andreasen

Hosted by Leone Baron & MCJ Collective
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Join us in the MCJ Community Slack to kick off our 24 hour 'Ask Me Anything' with Peter Minor (Carbon180) and Jack Andreasen (Breakthrough Energy).

Our next MCJ Ask-Me-Anything is with Peter Minor, Director of Science and Innovation at Carbon180, and Jack Andreasen, Policy Manager for Carbon Management at Breakthrough Energy. Peter and Jack are two of the world’s foremost experts in the world on carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

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Let’s meet our guests…

Meet Peter: Peter is the director of science and innovation at Carbon180. His knowledge of the latest science helps the team craft federal policy recommendations that catalyze the carbon removal industry. Prior to Carbon180, Peter built a startup accelerator and venture fund focused on frontier innovation. He is a staunch believer that technology can help solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Meet Jack: Jack runs the carbon management portfolio at Breakthrough Energy. He focuses on the policies and partnerships that will advance direct air capture, CCS, and geologic storage to meet net-zero by 2050 goals. Prior to joining Breakthrough, Jack was the Energy Policy Advisor at The Climate Reality Project and an Engineering Design Associate at Duke Energy.

Our AMA with Peter and Jack will start on Wednesday 25th January at 9am PST - 12pm EST - 5pm GMT and run asynchronously in the AMA slack channel for 24 hours.

In Peter and Jack’s episode with Cody, they cover:

  • Policy tailwinds for CDR

  • The categories and methodologies for CDR tech

  • Challenges faced along the commercial adoption process, and speed bumps that CDR will encounter as it scales (including fraud and false claims)

  • How and why buyers approach the space today

  • ....and more!

Ahead of the AMA, you can also check out the Carbon180 and Breakthrough Energy websites.

Set your reminders, and get your questions ready!


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