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MCJ AMA: David Aronoff - MCJ Collective

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Join us in the MCJ Community Slack for our next MCJ Ask-Me-Anything with David Aronoff, Chairman and General Partner here at MCJ Collective!

Let’s meet our guest…

Meet David: David serves as Chairman at MCJ and has spent the past two decades investing in high growth technology startups. He previously served as General Partner at Flybridge in Boston beginning in 2005, where his investment focus included infrastructure, SaaS, IoT and cyber security. Prior to joining Flybridge, David spent nearly a decade focusing on early-stage investing at Greylock Partners and before that, held senior technology and management roles at Chipcom, an enterprise network software and equipment vendor. While working full-time on his MBA, David was co-founder and COO of HappyPuppy. Earlier in his career he held technical positions at Bell Labs where he developed secure network software. David currently serves on the Board of Directors for Draper Laboratory, on the Advisory Board of the Global Cyber Institute and is a Trustee Emeritus for The University of Vermont. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Vermont, cum laude and with college honors, an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California, and an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School.

About MCJ Collective: Here at MCJ, we’re powering collective innovation for climate solutions by breaking down silos and unleashing problem-solving capacity. We’re a platform for the flow of information, ideas, and capital needed to accelerate individual climate journeys and enable collaboration. Honoured to speak to over 400+ guests via our My Climate Journey podcast, have ~4,000+ members in our community, and have invested in 80+ climate tech startups. We're also currently raising ‘MCJ 2023’!

  • → MCJ Podcast: Published on 23rd August, David’s episode with Jason is here.

  • → MCJ 2023: You can read our announcement for MCJ 2023 here.

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Our AMA with David will start on Wednesday 29th November at 9am PT - 12pm ET - 5pm GMT - 6pm CET and will run asynchronously in the MCJ AMA slack channel for 24 hours.

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In Jason’s episode with David, they cover:

  • [3:56] David's background and decision to join MCJ Collective

  • [9:42] His journey exploring climate and solutions

  • [13:00] David's thoughts on MCJ's early rolling funds

  • [20:02] His mission-driven transition back to full-time work and building MCJ Collective the firm

  • [24:01] The thought process behind the launch of MCJ's traditional fund structure

  • [29:32] David's previous fundraising role vs. his role at MCJ

  • [33:00] His thoughts on MCJ's stack, data room, and preparation

  • [38:48] MCJ's overall strategy

  • [44:33] David's perspective on ownership and MCJ's portfolio math

  • [49:04] The diligence process

  • [55:21] Time allocation of MCJ's five partners

  • [58:38] MCJ's decision-making process

  • [1:00:16] David's views on how the team will scale

  • [1:02:32] MCJ's fundraising status to date, investor breakdown, and closing plans

  • [1:08:36] David's thoughts on the future of MCJ's venture fund

  • [1:20:10] The "why" behind his work at MCJ and who he wants to hear from

→ You can find a transcript of the full conversation here.

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