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MCJ AMA: Ari Matusiak - Rewiring America

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Join us in the MCJ Community Slack for our next MCJ Ask-Me-Anything with Ari Matusiak, Founder and CEO of Rewiring America.

Let’s meet our guest…

Meet Ari: Ari’s impressive background covers affordable housing, philanthropy, and the Obama White House, where he served as a special assistant to the president and director of private sector engagement. In this role, he managed the administration's relationships with Fortune 500 CEOs, Wall Street firms, and other business leaders. He then held the position of Chief Strategy Officer at Renovate America, the largest residential energy efficiency and renewable energy financing platform at the time. He was also a co-founder and chairman of Young Invincibles, a national nonprofit focused on creating economic opportunities for young adults.

In addition to leading Rewiring America, Ari is the managing partner at Purpose Venture Group, an advisory firm and incubator focused on launching community-centered ventures to tackle climate change and economic inequality.

About Rewiring America: Rewiring America is a driving force in the movement to electrify everything. As our homes transition to using heat pumps for heating and cooling, induction stoves for cooking and electric vehicles for transportation, Rewiring America has established itself as the go-to expert resource to help us navigate this transition.

  • → MCJ Podcast: Published on 9th October 2023, Cody’s episode with Ari is here.

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Our AMA with Ari will start on Wednesday 10th January at 1pm PT - 4pm ET - 9pm GMT - 10pm CET and will run asynchronously in the MCJ AMA slack channel for 24 hours.

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In Cody’s conversation with Ari, they cover:

  • [03:03]: The founding story of Rewiring America

  • [11:51]: Hurdles of electrifying homes

  • [15:58]: Tax credits available to homeowners through the IRA

  • [20:27]: Stackable rebates and tax credits through federal, state and local programs

  • [22:00]: Using Rewiring America's IRA Calculator to estimate benefits

  • [26:40]: Empowering people to electrify their homes and become active community guides

  • [30:50]: Countering the fossil fuel lobby with local storytellers and validators

  • [33:49]: Insights from Rewiring America's Pace of Progress Report on electric product adoption

  • [40:31]: Challenges and solutions to boost EV adoption

  • [43:04]: State of rooftop solar in the Pace of Progress report

  • [44:05]: Why rooftop solar remains essential

  • [46:28]: Electrification options for renters and apartment incentives

  • [50:16]: Ari’s outlook on electrification progress over the next decade

→ You can find a transcript of the full conversation here.

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