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MCJ AMA: Eliza Nemser & Caroline Spears

Hosted by Leone Baron & MCJ Collective
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Join us in the MCJ Community Slack to kick off our 24 hour 'Ask Me Anything' with Eliza Nemser (Climate Changemakers) and Caroline Spears (Climate Cabinet).

US MIDTERMS SPECIAL: Next Wednesday we’re hosting a MCJ Ask-Me-Anything with Eliza Nemser, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Climate Changemakers, and Caroline Spears, Founder & Executive Director of Climate Cabinet.

Ahead of the US midterms on November 8th, Eliza and Caroline will be joining us to workshop ways the MCJ community can take action and get involved in supporting climate champions across the thousands of candidates up for election this November 8th. We’re watching everything: from State Legislatures, County Commissions and City Councils to the United States Senate.

Eliza and Caroline have both been My Climate Journey podcast guests - listen to Eliza’s episode here, and Caroline’s episode here.

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Let’s meet our guests…

Meet Eliza: A Ph.D. Geoscientist, Eliza spent over a decade at a multinational infrastructure firm, assessing earthquake hazards at critical facilities for government agencies and big oil companies. In 2017, Eliza pivoted to work on environmental health and justice, with an emphasis on climate politics; in 2022 she received the "Grist Fixer" award. Eliza was a consulting advocate and strategist with the NRDC Action Fund before co-founding Climate Changemakers in August 2020 (alongside our very own Cody Simms, amongst others). Climate Changemakers is a nonpartisan community action network mobilizing ‘you, me, and everyone we know’ as effective advocates for climate candidates and ambitious climate policies.

Meet Caroline: Caroline founded Climate Cabinet, which helps hundreds of candidates run, win and legislate on the climate crisis every year. Climate Cabinet built the largest database of climate and political action in the country, and uses this to find and support under-the-radar candidates with outsized climate wins. Climate Cabinet is like Moneyball - for climate policy.

Our joint AMA with Eliza and Caroline will start on Wednesday 19th October at 8am PST - 11am EST- 4pm BST. Eliza and Caroline will both be answering your questions asynchronously in this channel for 24 hours.

Alongside your burning midterm questions (or simply not a US citizen but still keen to get involved), you can also ask them about…

  • How individuals can take action, and why political advocacy is vital to the planet's future

  • The inception of Climate Changemakers, and what they’ve learnt along the way

  • How candidates and races could customise their approaches to climate policy

  • What the Climate Cabinet Score is, and how it works

  • How the Climate Cabinet team determines which races are their top priorities

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