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Tapping Plus • Fall in Love with Your Life | Online

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Loving your life is one thing.

Loving being alive is a step up from that.

Falling in love with your life takes being alive to a whole new level.

This group is for you if you're ready to live your life intentionally, with wonder, awe, gratitude, and expectation.

We'll tap (+ more!) on issues that come up when we choose to live at a higher vibration. Tips, tools, and strategies for living at a higher vibration included.

These exclusive sessions are designed to set you up for success with motivation, momentum, and accountability, to help you improve your relationship with your life - even fall in love!

We'll eliminate the noise and raise your vibration for lasting results.

An often overlooked - but critical piece - to feel better and live a healthier, happier life is to set aside time for yourself to tap on what is holding you back.

And you don't need to go at releasing 'all the things' alone.

  • You've got things to do.

  • People to see.

  • Dreams to fulfill.

  • And next steps to execute.

Let's tackle this and get it done.

Gain the tools & support to move forward with confidence while tapping with EFT Master Practitioner, Karen Aquinas, + 5 Group Members.

If you're waking up at 4 am in a cold sweat about a complicated past, an opportunity, or stressful days to come, we'll tap on it together.

You may not have realized that tapping can build confidence and the comfort to release your fears, limiting beliefs, and stress. 

A Tapping Plus Private Group session can prove to be worth the price of enrollment in just one day.

What does a Tapping Plus Private Group Session look like?

  • Five or fewer people meet with Karen live, online via Zoom one hour a week for five consecutive weeks 

  • We show up, connect, & get down to the work at hand - shifting, clearing, tapping ... whatever it takes to clear what needs clearing and raise your vibration

Tapping Plus Private Group Sessions are right for you if you're:

  • Tired of being stressed, stuck, and overwhelmed

  • Ready to be empowered to live a fulfilling life

  • Excited to tap on what is holding you back

  • Beyond relieved at the thought of working with an expert EFT/Tapping Practitioner

  • Ready to live a life full of confidence

"Extraordinary!" Terri

"A new approach to life." Traci P.

"Transformation comes quickly, and it lasts!" Marcia

"Deeply empowering!" B.G.

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