Cover Image for Llama Lounge 9: Theme: Founders & Funders
Cover Image for Llama Lounge 9: Theme: Founders & Funders
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Llama Lounge 9: Theme: Founders & Funders

Hosted by Jeremiah Owyang
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San Francisco, California
Past Event
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Llama Lounge 9: The AI Startup Event Series. Theme: Founders & Funders

Thur Eve, March 28, SF

-Organized by Jeremiah Owyang (TwitterX, Linkedin).
-Ten AI Startups on demo floor, networking, food & bev.
-Who should apply to attend? AI Founders & VC Investors.
-Location will be revealed to approved guests on event day.
-Gov ID required for entry, must be on approved list.


-Conch Call* and Welcome: Jeremiah Owyang (3min)
-Host Welcome Remarks (3min)
-Llama Lineup: 30 sec pitch on stage per startup

Meet 11 AI Startups on the Demo Floor:

- Agit: AI Personal Trainer in your pocket
- Deep Infra: Simple scalable API for AI models
- HelloBiome: AI-Driven Microbiome Innovation
- HyperBound: Sales training with AI prospects
- Genie: AI that reduces the mental load
- GGX: AI enabled exchange for wholesale goods
- Indexical: AI-powered scraping & data extraction
- LastMile AI: AI dev platform for engineering teams
- AI automation for cell phone calls
- Reframe: Ultrafast Inbound Lead Research using Agents
- Twig: AI co-pilot for customer experience teams

Startups can apply to be featured on the demo floor (there are future events)

About Llama Lounge:

Big Energy. We feature 10 AI Startups on a demo floor for personal demos and relationship building. See prior photos of events, read the anatomy of a Llama Lounge event, and a summary of the Feb SF event. No relation to Meta. Logo by Sightbox. #LlamaLounge

65 Registered Investors:

  1. Blitzscaling Ventures

  2. 500 Global

  3. 65 Equity Partners

  4. AltaIR Capital

  5. Alumni Ventures

  6. AV8

  7. BAG Ventures

  8. BMW i Ventures

  9. Blue Owl

  10. BTV: Better Tomorrow Ventures

  11. Buildtech VC

  12. Bullpen Capital

  13. BDev Ventures

  14. Canaan Partners

  15. Capital G (Alphabet)

  16. Cathay Innovation

  17. Cervoo Inc

  18. Coelius Capital

  19. Conductive Ventures

  20. Costanoa VC

  21. CRV

  22. E14 Fund, MIT

  23. EnvisionX

  24. FalconX Ventures

  25. FOCUS Investment Banking

  26. Foothill Ventures

  27. Galaxy Ventures

  28. General Catalyst

  29. GenLab

  30. GIC

  31. Green Bay Ventures

  32. Hat-Trick Capital

  33. Hike Ventures

  34. Honda Innovations

  35. JetBlue Ventures

  36. J2 Ventures

  37. Kittyhawk VC

  38. Kyber Knight Capital

  39. Lobby Capital

  40. Modernist Venture Club

  41. Monochrome Capital

  42. m]x[v Capital

  43. Next47

  44. NEC X

  45. OMERS Ventures

  46. Pear VC

  47. Plug and Play

  48. PodiumVC

  49. Position Ventures

  50. Practical VC

  51. Presidio Ventures

  52. RingCentral Ventures

  53. Scrum Ventures

  54. Shack15 Ventures

  55. Sorenson Capital

  56. Storm Ventures

  57. Swift Ventures

  58. Theory Ventures

  59. The Bradley Group

  60. TNT Capital

  61. Uncorrelated Ventures

  62. Vibranium Venture Capital

  63. Wipro Ventures

  64. XY Ventures

  65. Yamaha Motor Ventures

*Llama Lounge features a signature conch audio call signalling for the community to assemble for opening remarks, you'll never forget it.

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San Francisco, California
396 Going