Cover Image for Llama Lounge Hosted at GenLab. Theme: AI Agents
Cover Image for Llama Lounge Hosted at GenLab. Theme: AI Agents
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Llama Lounge Hosted at GenLab. Theme: AI Agents

Hosted by Jeremiah Owyang
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San Francisco, California
Past Event
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​Llama Lounge: The AI Startup Event Series Special Theme: AI Agents

Organized by Jeremiah Owyang (TwitterX. linkedin)

Join us for the 8th Llama Lounge, where we'll showcase the AI Startup Ecosystem with a focus on AI Agents. AI Agents operate autonomously to solve user and business problems with minimal human direction. This event will be hosted at GenLab (within Digital Garage) in downtown SF.

-Welcome Remarks: Jeremiah Owyang (3min).
-Meet GenLabs: Brady Forrest (3min).
-Afterparty: renAIssance Salon SF! (seperate registration and approval required).

Thank you to our food and drink sponsors:
-Cleo: AI assistant that's helped 6 million people avoid their overdraft, build credit, and budget better.
-Amaara Networks: Global systems integrator building on-prem GPU clouds.

Meet 10 AI Agents on the Demo Floor:
Walk up to demo tables, meet founders directly, see demos.
-Agent Lunar: Digital workers built for small businesses
-AgentOps: Agent benchmarking, testing, compliance
- Claros: AI personal shopper Agents
- Commit: AI talent agents for software developers
- Evabot: Your AI research assistant in sales
- Floode: Personalized AI EA for daily comms
- Infinityy: Sales Agent for property leasing
- Instalily: Autonomous AI Agents; human level productivity
- Lutra: Coding Agents integrated with your apps
- MultiOn: Your personal AI agent
How startups can apply to be featured on the demo floor.

About Llama Lounge:
Space is limited, so please RSVP now to secure your spot. See prior photos of Llama Lounge events and the anatomy of a Llama Lounge event. No relation to Meta. Logo by Sightbox.


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San Francisco, California
379 Going