Take control of your university web estate and work towards true accessibility compliance



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Designed for those responsible for university web governance and online accessibility, this webinar will provide attendees with a roadmap to gain control of comprehensive web estates and implement progressive change

Hosted by digital governance expert and Little Forest MD Gavin Colborne, Gavin has 15 years of experience overseeing website governance projects for organisations including universities, multinationals, and charities. 

Join us for this exclusive webinar and learn key insights on how to: 

  • Audit comprehensive website estates

  • Develop and maintain domains through a web registry 

  • Empower workforces through devolved responsibility  

  • Achieve WCAG AA compliance

Additional guests from UK universities, including Bruce Darby from the University of Edinburgh, will share their experience of gaining control of expansive suites of web domains, implementing frameworks to comply with WCAG standards, and improving their online experience for all website visitors and administrators.

About Little Forest: 

Little Forest believes in a positive customer experience for all. Through consultancy, training and specialist software, Little Forest enables organisations responsible for substantial online content to effectively monitor and manage material to improve customer experience. Learn more at https://littleforest.co.uk/ 

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