Using DUTCH TEST Plus to help your patients glide into The Other PMS ™️: Perimenopause / Menopause Syndrome



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How often has a patient come in telling you “the I used to’s”?  I used to lose weight with no problem.  I used to sleep all night, I used to have energy all day.  I used to have more patience.  And then they ask, doc what’s wrong?  What if you could let your patients know they are not going crazy, it’s their hormones?  Imagine how your practice would flourish if you had the ability to test your patients and help them glide and not slam into The Other PMS ™️: perimenopause/menopause syndrome.  


  • Think about perimenopause so it can be on your differential diagnosis (what are some of the common symptoms)

  • Using DUTCH Test Plus and serum to help diagnose your patients 

  • Understanding the connection of the adrenals and the sex hormones--how DUTCH TEST Plus helps 

  • A brief overview of BHRT 

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