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Kickstarting Innovation

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Whether you are an individual, a start-up founder, a scaleup employee, an ecosystem builder or a corporate innovation person there is something for everyone during Calgary's Innovation Week.

During five free lunchtime sessions, held in-person on the pitch stage at Platform Calgary (407 9th Ave SE) AND online via Zoom, participants will learn five ways to kick-start innovation.

Monday: Avoid the #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make by Building the #1 Trait and the #1 Skill Entrepreneurs Need.

During this one-hour session, participants will learn from an Ex-Google, Ex-Oracle, mentor who recently helped a local startup generate their first million dollars in sales, the #1 trait and #1 skill Entrepreneurs need to avoid the #1 mistake entrepreneurs make.

20 of the in-person participants will have the opportunity to attend a special two-hour masterclass by Ash Maurya, the creator of the Lean Canvas and author of Running Lean.

Tuesday: Getting to Yes With Potential Customers

During this session, participants will learn from Amos Schwartzfarb, the executive director of Techstars Austin, the three W's of customer acquisition and how to identify the key drivers of their business.

20 participants of the in-person session will receive a copy of Amos' latest book, Levers.

Wednesday: Intellectual Property (IP) Strategies that Defend Your Business

Defensibility is the #3 thing investors look for when evaluating the investability of a business.

One of the ways you can defend your business from the competition is to build a moat around your idea/business - as people did in the old days to protect their castle.

During this one-hour panel, moderated by Erin Pisko of the Innovation Asset Collective, four panelists will share intellectual property approaches you can use to protect your business.

There will be a Q & A period near the end of the panel.

20 participants of the in-person session will receive a copy of April Dunford's book Obviously Awesome, which shares how to nail product positioning to protect your business from the competition.

Thursday: Strategic Innovation

Strategic innovation requires a forward-thinking mindset, the willingness to test assumptions and make mistakes, while having a progress-loving, long-term view of accomplishing a strategic goal.

During this one-hour panel, moderated by Kerry Harmer who leads Ignition Calgary which is part of a global network of KPMG innovation centers, leaders of four strategic innovation initiatives in the province will share their stories and approaches to solving some of Alberta's biggest challenges.

There will be a Q&A session near the end of the panel.

20 copies of Kristen Hadeed's book Permission to Screw Up will be given to those who attend in person.

Friday: Will My Idea Fly

During this informative one-hour session, two local startup experts will share a structured approach to solving the #1 reason innovative products fail.

50 copies of the 3rd Edition of Ash Maurya's book Running Lean will be given away to those who attend in person.