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Arrest My Murderer (March & Rally)

Hosted by The Next Gen Come Up
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There will be a march and rally beginning at the Family Dollard on 1016 Pass Road at 11:00 am — followed by a Block Party in Honor of Jaheim's 16th birthday at 2:00 pm on Hewes Avenue, Gulfport Mississippi.

What Happened to Jaheim McMillan?

On October 6th of this year, Jaheim McMillan – a 15-year-old black boy – was shot in the head 8 times in front of a Family Dollar by a Mississippi police after putting his hands up in compliance.

The Next Gen Come Up & Associates

The Next Gen Come Up has since partnered with Jaheim's mother -- Katrina Mateen -- and a handful of other grassroots organizations including Building Bridges, The Hood Healers, and Free My People, to coordinate and organize marches, mutual aid efforts, and infrastructure developments throughout Gulfport, Mississippi. The goal of these demonstrations is to demand that the officer responsible for Jaheim's death be held accountable, lend support to families that have fallen victim to police violence in the south, and demand that Family Dollar either releases the footage of Jaheim’s murder his family or risk being boycotted. Our goal is to mobilize 1,000 people, students, and civic leaders to demand Justice for Jaheim, and we are depending on you — volunteers, donors, and amplifiers — to help us execute said the goal with precision.