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Marketing on the Fly

Hosted by Brooke Shapiro
This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
About Event

​Program provides you feedback, accountability, and the outside perspective you need to finally make moves on your marketing ideas.

  • ​You message me via a private slack community of founders with marketing questions (3 per day max) about your content, social media, email marketing, website feedback, etc.  

  • ​I reply within 24 hours with my thoughts on where you could make tweaks, questions to help you gain clarity of your marketing, etc..

  • ​You continue to implement based on my feedback.

  • ​ Rinse and repeat, all month long, whenever anything comes to mind.

  • ​Weekly group marketing education and troubleshooting

​BONUS: You will get access to marketing  tools/resources to build your marketing plans for FREE.

That’s $1.5K worth of value for $500 per month