Cover Image for June T2B Comm Convo: Embracing Diversity & Allyship in Biopharma Communications
Cover Image for June T2B Comm Convo: Embracing Diversity & Allyship in Biopharma Communications
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June T2B Comm Convo: Embracing Diversity & Allyship in Biopharma Communications

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June's Comm Convo addresses the critical need for improved DEI in our industry, focusing on actionable ways biopharma communicators can celebrate diversity, promote equity and foster an inclusive environment. Our speaker, Lex Clay, will share how his personal experience as a trans person informed his journey as a LGBTQ+ advocate, educator and speaker. With a background rooted in medical science, Lex will explore with us practices that support authentic allyship not only this month as we navigate Pride and Juneteenth, but also throughout the year.


  • Learn about both simple and comprehensive measures that communicators like us can champion to ensure diverse groups feel recognized and valued within your organization.

  • Understand common unconscious biases and language pitfalls, and explore inclusive communications best practices to foster respect and acceptance.

  • Gain insights into balancing public support with substantive actions that truly advance DEI. 

  • Discover tools and strategies for educating your team and leadership about DEI, ensuring everyone is informed and equipped to contribute to a more inclusive culture.

  • Understand the unique DEI challenges within biopharma and STEM, and how communicators can contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry landscape.


Lex Clay is a speaker and consultant for LGBTQ+ awareness in athletics, education, medicine and the workplace. He is a trans person who has successfully navigated small business, NCAA Division I athletics, living in rural Indiana, boarding school and romance languages.

"Studying anatomy and physiology in the context of sex/gender/athletics has always been a huge part of my life in understanding myself and trying to advocate for others in the space," he says.

Lex has an M.S. in Medical Sciences from the University of South Florida · Morsani College of Medicine, a B.A. in Spanish Language & Pre-Professional Studies from the University of Notre Dame and is a graduate of the Culver Academies. He resides in Bronx, NY.

Connect with Lex on LinkedIn.