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Intro to the Alexander Technique

Hosted by Claire Nichols
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Welcome to this live, guided workshop: 'Introduction to the Alexander Technique' by Claire Nichols.

​This introductory session offers an insight into core Alexander Technique concepts of awareness, inhibition and non-doing, and how these can create the conditions for an organic, effortless and responsive relationship with the world. The session will include participatory exercises, as well as an opportunity to workshop ideas live, and receive feedback from Claire.

The workshop programme includes:

Part 1. An introduction into how our visual and auditory awareness can facilitate an effortless coordination of mind and body.

Part 2. How can we invite our bodies to self-organise, to carry out day to day activities in a more seamless way? We will experiment with the role of curiosity, inhibition and the tactile intelligence of our bodies.

Part 3. To close, I will offer a guided introduction to Alexander's idea of 'active rest'. This will be an opportunity to further explore how the Alexander Technique can bring us into a calm and expansive space of non-doing.

​Claire Nichols graduated from the South Bank Alexander Technique Teacher Training Centre in 2018 and is a teaching member of Alexander Technique International. In addition to teaching the Alexander Technique online, she is also an artist and a Lecturer in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.