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Saturday Sangha

Hosted by The Intimacy Project
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About Event

The Saturday Sangha is about union, to allow everyone to share in the experience of practicing and being together. Each of us unique, moving in our own way, but utterly connected.

At Saturday Sangha you have the option to self-practice or you can join a guided practice with either David or Ana. 

It's open to everyone — no matter what your age, health, culture, religion, or physicality. As a great friend of ours says..."a home yoga practice allows you to feel the solid ground beneath your feet and the prana that pulses through your body, no matter what" (Heart of Yoga).

If you have your own daily practice, then you can join us on Zoom and just get on with it. This is a space to express yourself without worrying what others think, or are doing. No need to follow anyone else. It's your time and you can do whatever you would like to, whether that's a yoga asana sequence, handstands, qi gong, tai chi, sitting in meditation or singing at the top of your voice and dancing around the room like a lunatic. 
We will all be doing the same!

But what if you don't have a practice and you would still like to join?

No problemo. We also offer a class each week for anyone who would like to be guided by either David or Ana (each week they will take it in turns).
As always, your breath will guide you, but you will have the added bonus of one of us.
This is perfect if you are new to yoga, want to try something new, fancy mixing it up, or just feel like being in more of a shared class experience. 
This also means that you can pass this on to EVERYONE - your friends, your gran, your cats and dogs and share it with the world.

We want this Sangha to grow and grow and connect all the dots all around the globe. Wouldn't that be something to be a part of?

In the eternal words of John Lennon...we hope you will join us "and the world will be as one".

If you do not have a self-practice, and would like to develop your own, get in touch and let's set up a taster session to see if we can work together to find YOUR YOGA.

See you on SATURDAY!!!! 

Much love David & Anna