Ikigaï Project

A world-tour for climate education 🌍 5-month trip across Europe & North America 🚞 Meeting up with +100 experts 👫

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The lack of climate education leads to eco-anxiety and passivity, when everyone should be innovative, active and engaged. 🌱

To rethink climate education, we decided to launch the Ikigaï Project!

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🏙 Our travel diary to discover our wonderful destinations

💪🏼 How to leverage education and learning to fight climate change

🚀 The impact of technology in the future of learning: Edtech for the climate

⚡️ Solutions to raise climate awareness and help as many people as possible to take climate action in their daily lives, at work, etc.

🧠 The importance of environmental psychology

A short video of us presenting the Ikigaï Project ! 🎬

Presentation Ikigaï Project