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What is IWTE

IWTE stands for "I Want This to Exist." It's a weekly meetup of creatives, founders, and curious seekers who want reality to catch up to their dreams. We meet at 12pm ET every Monday. More 👇🏾

The Problem

We exist as limited individuals in a limitless world of attention overload.

We have dreams and ideas that we wish to realize and manifest, but we are not limitless. In a digital 🌎, filled with unlimited sources of stimulus, we need to prioritize our ideas and attention so they don't get in the way of what we're trying to achieve.

The Solution

Let your new ideas breathe, escape, or expire.

IWTE is a weekly sounding board, work sprint, accountability group, and mentorship designed to help your ideas breathe, find a new home, or expire - so you can GSD.

The Unique Insight

Doing things with others helps everyone gain leverage.

In IWTE, you'll set yourself up for an awesome week - laying up the conditions for the serendipity of multiple discovery. Sometimes we share and discuss new ideas. Other times we just get into focus mode and work on our separate goals - together.

Join Lee Launches, David, Srijith Padmesh and 6 others