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InterPlanetary Office Hours

This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
About Event

Are you interested in web3, IPFS, decentralization in general? Come join our office hours for an hour and hang out! We meet every week for a fairly unstructured session. Everyone is welcome to use the space however they want.

What to Bring

As it's fairly unstructured, we encourage you to bring any questions, problems, concerns, or things you're excited about! Generally we all pile into one group, but are happy to split up into smaller groups for more focused discussion. Please don't hesitate to poke any of the hosts below during a session if you'd like them to split off from the main group.

Bring your team! It's a big virtual office so there's plenty of space for teams to break out and use the space however they want. The office is open 24/7, and we'd love to see other teams thrive and use it.

Our Hosts

Discordian: I'm a developer advocate with Protocol Labs, and hugely enthusiastic about IPFS. I'm passionate about distributed technologies and putting people back in control of their data. I like to engage communities to help them learn and grow. I have written guides, performed talks, and built software in the endless pursuit of education for myself and others to further knowledge about new and exciting technologies.

Jenks: I'm a developer advocate with the Filecoin Foundation. In my previous life I worked for Xero & Linktree. I enjoyed working in a vibrant ecosystem business and devote my time for tech communities. Most recently I have helped with Linktree to transform from a product company to a platform business with ecosystem & community. I live in Melbourne Australia and I am a father of two lovely girls.