Cover Image for International Organizations through the Back Door: Advice and Experiences on Breaking In
Cover Image for International Organizations through the Back Door: Advice and Experiences on Breaking In

International Organizations through the Back Door: Advice and Experiences on Breaking In

Hosted by Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association
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How do you BREAK IN to land a position at an international organization like the United Nations, OAS or the OECD?

Let's hear from those who have done it!

This free webinar will feature a panel discussion with international professionals discussing their EXPERIENCES LANDING POSITIONS at intergovernmental organizations like the UN, OAS or OECD. The focus is on early-career professionals and entry-level positions.

If it's your dream to do the same, you won't want to miss their INSIGHT and ADVICE! ​

​This session will be UNRECORDED to better facilitate authentic sharing of experiences.


Kelly Wong (Co-Host and Panelist)

Kelly Wong earned a MA in Human Rights and Democratisation from the Global Campus of Human Rights and Uppsala University. Upon graduating, she completed an internship the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, and subsequently continued her work as an intern to Consultant at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. She has worked at the Senate of Canada, and is now working as a Security Analyst at an internationally renowned civil aviation, defense, and security company in Canada. Kelly dedicates her personal time to work with students from her alumni and from all over the world to succeed in international academic and professional opportunities.

Florence Maher (Co-host and Panelist)

Florence Maher is a social scientist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), where she works to advance international co-operation on the human aspects of nuclear safety and improving gender balance in nuclear energy. Prior to her current position, she was a 2018-2020 Rotary Peace Fellow at the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, researching multi-stakeholder dialogue on policy processes. From 2011-2018 she was a career foreign service officer with the US Department of State, with assignments in Mexico, Italy, Honduras, and Washington, DC. She holds a Master’s degree in public policy and social research from the International Christian University (Japan) and Bachelor’s degrees in economics and political science from Howard University in Washington, DC (USA). She currently serves on the board of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association (RPFAA).

Faith Bwibo (Panelist)

Faith Bwibo is an international development communications professional and consultant dedicated to shaping impactful narratives and enhancing brand visibility. She has worked in communications in several international organizations, including UN Women (Nigeria and East & Southern Africa Regional Office), UN Volunteers, and ICAP at Columbia University. She has an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences (Sociology) and a Master's in Media Studies. Faith is determined to continue making substantial contributions in the communications field, with a particular focus on Africa, driven by a passionate commitment and dedication to positively portraying the African narrative.

Paulina Macías (Panelist)

Paulina Macías is a lawyer and internationalist from Mexico. Her work is focused on reproductive justice, as well as economic, social, and cultural rights. She is currently serving as a Visiting Professional at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Prior to that, she worked as a professional visitor at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and as a consular officer at the Consulate General of Mexico in New York.

Rukmini Iyer (Moderator)

Rukmini Iyer works at the intersection of business, leadership, peacebuilding and systems design. Over the last 23 years, she has worked across the globe with the business, international development and socio-political contexts through the modalities of consulting, facilitation, coaching and dialogue. At her core, she is a dialogue practitioner and gestates questions around what leadership and peacebuilding mean in our world today. Ecocentrism in both of these areas is a major theme of her work. She currently serves on the international boards of Creators of Peace International and Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association. (RPFAA)