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Moderating the Fediverse

Hosted by Integrity Institute
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Mastodon and other federated networks create new paradigms for moderation that put more responsibility in the hands of communities and server owners. This means that there's not a centralized corporate platform with paid Trust & Safety professionals at the helm, leading to more freedom, as well as new opportunities and challenges for people using the network and those maintaining it. Servers have their own individual moderation policies and their own methods of enforcement.

In this thought-provoking discussion, we'll talk to two experts in Federated Moderation about the high-level considerations for moderators and for people using federated systems to connect and share content. We'll also dive into more practical advice around participating in the ecosystem and of course, have time for Q&A.

Darius Kazemi is is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Meedan, and an internet artist also known as Tiny Subversions. He's known for his work making the internet more fun with Twitter bots and toys like Glitch Logos and Two Headlines. As a Mozilla Fellow, Darius worked on a number of decentralized social media projects, including
Hometown, a Mastodon fork (modification) that supports some key community building features; an RSS to ActivityPub converter, and an actual social network site, Friend Camp, a small, invite-only social network node where he tests ideas about how decentralized social network sites should work.

Kat Lo is the Content Moderation Lead and UX at Meedan and a consultant who helps tech, social media, and game companies on Trust & Safety, content moderation, and policy/enforcement around harassment, hate speech, and misinformation. She's an advisor for nonprofits and advocacy organizations that focus on moderation, online harassment and mental health, including the Fair Play Alliance, OnlineSOS, the Games and Online Harassment Hotline, and Tall Poppy.

Moderated by Laure X Cast, Integrity Institute member and founder of Laure is a respected researcher and product strategist, interested in decentralized power, communities, human connection, learning, and communication. Prior to being a founder, they were an early-stage employee & leader at three communication/collaboration startups (Marco Polo, Notion, Olark) and is also a board member at the Prosocial Design Network.

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