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IHRP-Joye: It’s time for mental fitness in the workplace!

Hosted by Institute for Human Resource Professionals Limited (IHRP)
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The stress between the meetings, the anxiety of the deadlines, the low of the disappointments - how we support our employees in their day-to-day challenges is an important topic of mental health. This is the need of 100% of the employees - the need for mental fitness in the workplace! This is an essential ingredient to build the culture of happiness and productivity.

Imagine – after a stressful call the system prompts you to recharge and boost your productivity again! Joye has partnered with Microsoft to embed its engaging mental wellbeing experience in Microsoft Teams. Joye analyses your work pattern in Teams with extreme privacy and prompts you with the right care at the right time – a timely nudge when you may need it the most!

Date & Time

On Thursday, 19th May 2022 at 11.00am – 12.00pm, please join our panel discussion where we will discuss the best practices to build a culture of mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Panel Members

The panel will engage in a discussion around building a framework for effective workplace wellbeing for the new normal.

Session Objectives

  • Learn the best practices in workplace wellbeing from subject-matter experts

  • Discuss the gaps and challenges in the existing point-solutions based approach of workplace wellbeing

  • Learn how technology can help to improve workplace mental health - the case of Joye's timely and engaging self-care embedded in Microsoft Teams