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First-Time Manager: From Team Member to Team Leader

Hosted by Zaharenia Atzitzikaki
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​The first five attendees can use code ALLIWANT for 20% off as an end-of-year treat!

​Welcome, new manager! Now... panic? 😱

​I know that feeling of dread before that first 1:1 meeting or the static noise in your head while writing your first performance review. Managing people is a hard job and utterly different from the one you're so good at.

​In this 2-hour online primer to management, you'll get the support you need to kickstart your journey.


​This course will help you:

  • ​Understand the difference between management and leadership

  • ​Acknowledge all the changes management brings for individual contributors

  • ​Reflect on open-ended questions to help you prepare for the switch

  • ​Avoid typical "newbie manager" mistakes

  • ​Learn how to battle imposter syndrome

  • ​Balance your workload and avoid burnout

​Is this for you?

​If you find yourself thinking about these questions often throughout your workday, you should join:

  • ​Am I ready to be a manager?

  • ​What am I supposed to do now that I manage people?

  • ​Will I have to stop doing what I love now?

  • ​Why am I not feeling productive at the end of the day?

  • ​How do I stop feeling like an imposter?

​I know managing people is hard work. You should get support from someone that struggled as well (*points at self*).

​Registration also includes:

  • ​Essential book reading list

  • ​Free monthly office hours

  • ​Access to private Slack community

​Looking forward to working together!