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HackAI: May the AI be with you

Hosted by Suffiyan Malik & Draper University
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San Mateo, California
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About Event

About Us

DraperU is the largest co-living fellowship for pre-seed founders in the Bay Area. Draper funds have invested in some of the most iconic companies of our time from Skype & Hotmail to SpaceX & Tesla.

Join 100 pre-seed founders at DraperU, meet your dream team or your next hire.

🥅 Goal

Build & Ship Crazy Demos.

It doesn't matter if you're technical or non-technical, we are looking for crazy demos of what you would want to build and business models the world is not thinking about.

If you weren't doing what you're doing today for the next 48 hours, what would you build in AI?

📍 What’s Happening’?

  • Co-working out of our campus for the weekend to ship cool sh*it

  • Meals & Drinks (non-alcohol only sorry not sorry)

  • Lots of snacks aka protein bars & bananas & Cheetos (maybe more)

🥇 Perks

Pitch to VC Funds

$25,000 - $100,000

  • Pitch to DraperU Ventures who will be part of the judging panel, they invest up to $100,000 and are the pre-seed fund of the Draper Venture Network

  • Learning lunches with 2 VCs from our network

Access Annual Draper Venture Summit

  • Get an invite to Draper's Annual Venture Summit for LPs and corporate innovation heads hosted by Tim Draper & Draper Venture Network


  • Win $12,000 scholarship and invite to attend DraperU's flagship residential fellowship for pre-seed founders

  • Pitch to Draper funds investing from $25k-2m at Demo Day

Prizes 🏆

  • Win $5,000 cash in Prize Money

  • Get access to our credit and discount board for alumni

Our Partners


A blazingly fast neural engine for next generation customer support and software development.

➡️ Founded by Dheeraj Pandey (Adobe Board)
➡️ Raised $70m+ led by Khosla Ventures

Iterative Ventures

Community of 3000+ ex-Meta operators and engineers founded by Kasey Roh and Richard Chen.


Founded by DU alum, Tarun Gaur, we're excited to be backed by Qikfox, a privacy first browser company.