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鈥婬igh School Showcase | School of Humanity 馃殌 馃獝

Join us for the Global Showcase of our Fall 2023 term, as our Year 1 and 2 learners present their solutions to global challenges. They鈥檝e been receiving mentorship from experts and participating in micro-internships.

Our learners have been learning through challenges...

This term, our learners have been tackling the following challenges:

馃聽Understanding Minds

How do our minds, brains, and consciousness work? This challenge aims to foster a comprehensive exploration of human behavior by merging insights from psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy.

馃捇 Future of the Internet: Media and Democracy

As the internet transforms public spaces, how will democracy adapt? In this challenge, we'll delve into the internet's future, drawing from various disciplines. We'll learn from history about media's societal role, dissect issues like surveillance and privacy as depicted by artists, and study the web's effect on global political systems.

Join us as an inspiring lineup of young changemakers present their projects and solutions.

Everyone is welcome!

馃實 This event is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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School of Humanity聽聽is an award-winning online high school reinventing education. Instead of exams, we learn through real-world projects. Instead of a standardized curriculum, we learn through personalized learning journeys. Instead of memorization, we focus on developing our skills, network, and portfolios.

We offer High School and Summer School programs with an online or hybrid modality for learners worldwide.

Our vision is to reinvent our global education system to better serve humanity by equipping learners with key skills, portfolios and networks to thrive in an exponentially changing world.