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HR Skills & Jobs of the Future

Thu, Oct 28, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM UTC


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Event Information

Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP)'s Job Transformation Map (JTM) for Human Resources sector mentions that 90% of Singapore HR jobs will be impacted by technology in 3- 5 years. Hence, along with searching for insights into skills that will be crucial for their organizations, HR teams need to rethink their roles and skills of the future primarily.

While HR departments in EMEA and North America have identified future trends and started translating these insights into skill requirements for the HR roles, experts believe that similar changes in Singapore and the rest of Asia will start to accelerate soon.

This webinar will take an overview of these global insights and trends on the future skills and roles of HR teams, and specifically look at the Singapore HR skills and jobs landscape and the impact of technology on the HR roles and jobs.

The Webinar will deep dive into the key questions and topics:

  • What are the 10 trends that impact the HR function globally?

  • What are the top HR roles and skills?

  • How have HR roles and skills evolved since the onset of the pandemic?

  • Which tools can help you transform your Business and HR?

We will then lead a discussion with senior leaders that will provide multiple perspectives, experiences, and insights on delivering the ultimate people experience.

Learning Outcome

  • As Digitalisation & Automation continue to threaten traditional HR roles, what HR roles will be impacted by technology? What are the roles that will continue to be important or increase in importance? What are the emerging HR roles? Which new roles are emerging?

  • Identify relevant future roles and skills explained on the example of global analysis for HR domain

  • Evaluate existing HR workforce capabilities to match them to the future roles & skills?

  • Determine HR upskilling efforts to future-proof them?

  • How do HR skills differ across industries and geographies?

  • How can HR prepare for a digital, data-driven future?

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