Jewish Holy Day Service. Outside The Box. LIVE. Via Zoom.

Sat, Sep 11, 1:15 AM - 3:30 AM UTC


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On a scale on 1-10 (10 being the crippling), how much guilt do you feel in a given day?
Is it easier to feel guilty or forgiven?
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Event Information

A digital age, adult conversation and service about forgiveness, atonement, re-centering, remembrance, and celebration.

Online only. (Darn.)

No dogma, no creeds, nothing you need to pretend to believe in.

Interactive. (If you want to interact. You can also just watch.)

Service conducted almost exclusively in English.

Donations to RELIGION-OUTSIDE-THE-BOX suggested.

Order of service (tentative):

  • Welcoming

    • Being Present to the hard time we've all been facing

  • Memorial Service

    • Lighting of candles / Showing of pictures

    • Remembrance of loved ones we have lost

  • Atonement

    • Acknowledging our collective inadequacy

    • Seeking forgiveness and peace

  • Sermon

    • What God Wants Me To Tell You. (I think.)

  • Renewal / Looking towards the future

    • Making sacred commitments

  • Conclusion

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