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HAV3N @ ETH Denver (Afternoon Edition)

Hosted by AP, Allie Joy & Daphne
Past Event
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Welcome to HAV3N, a warm and inclusive event co-hosted by F3, Blu3DAO, and Baddies in Tech as part of ETH Denver! HAV3N is a safe space for women to connect, learn, and grow together in the exciting world of Web3.

We are excited to offer a variety of interactive workshops and experiential learning opportunities, as well as circles of trust for building strong connections and fostering support within our community. In addition to these educational experiences, we will also have time for self-care activities such as breathwork, movement, and play.

We understand that childcare can be a concern for some attendees, so we are pleased to offer childcare services to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fully participate and engage in HAV3N. If you should need childcare, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to the organizers.


Guided Breath work with Mila (F3)

The Future Was Always Female with Keisha (F3)

Transitioning From A Web2 To Web3 Career
Dee (Coordinape)
Chelsea  (Koris, METIS)
Allie (Baddies in Tech)

Safety, Security + Accessibility in Web3
Brandan (Magic Link)
Angel (Quantstamp)
Flora (Airfoil)
Hetal (F3, Metaverse Group)

Building Your Community: The DAO Journey
Randy (Blu3DAO Latam)
Lana (Blu3 DAO)
Melonie (DisruptorDAO)

Baddies to Builders: Getting Started w/ Hackathons
Ihara (Baddies in Tech)
ChiChi (ScalingX)
Daphne (Blu3DAO)
Lana (Blu3 DAO)

Unlocking the Secrets of Secure Identity by Sydney (Magic)

Hop In The Cypher: Finding Financial Freedom by Keisha (Cypher Wallet)

Guided Movement + Connections with Mila (F3)

Thank you to our partners for ensuring that we have all the resources to make this a special and fully supported experience.

Magic Labs
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Quantstamp’s mission is to secure the decentralized internet, and has protected over $200B in digital asset risk from hackers.

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Cypher Wallet
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ScalingX is a Web3 start-up accelerator and global developer community dedicated to connecting the world with the pinnacle of innovation in web3 technology.

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