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Call for Evangelist HackHive

Hosted by TechHunters
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Evangelists are folks who are passionate about Hackathons and Communities, people who actively spread awareness and encourage others to get involved in the hackathon space. Being a HackHive Evangelist means that you are committed to bringing a change in your surroundings by helping others and sharing words with so much enthusiasm that even introverts want to join.🚀

😎 Responsibilities:

​-Spread the word about the event.

-​Engage with the Hacker Communities.

-​Encourage more hackers to get involved in HackHive

​-Actively participate in various events hosted under techhunterssss

​-Join weekly HackHive Evangelist sync-ups.

​🎉 Benefits

​Gain Community Leadership Experience.

​Dedicated Hackathon Evangelist Mentorship.

​Opportunity to get involved in the team for next season.

​Top HackHive Evangelists receive goodies, features on socials, and a special surprise.

​On the basis of performance, Evangelists will be selected to become a volunteer for the in-person hackathon.

​Many more hidden and exciting benefits…..

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