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New Age Of Reality - How To Use Your Imagination To Achieve Your Goals

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Imagination is the force with which we create our lives; whether or not we realise it, we have always been creating our lives with our imagination.

When we understand what imagination is and start to use it in the way it was intended to be used, we can create the life experiences we desire and achieve our goals with more ease and less struggle.

In this session, Lena will share three steps to show how to make significant changes in all areas of our lives with less effort and more ease by applying imagination to our goals.

About Lena

Lena has over 15 years of experience in the corporate arena consulting, training and designing systems for global clients.

In 2019 she left her career to find her passion and purpose in life.

Now, Lena is an award-winning entrepreneur and an international speaker on a mission to bridge the gap between the corporate and spiritual worlds. She believes that the real key to success and fulfilled life, is self-knowledge.

She was a keynote speaker at:
📍Women In Tech
📍DisruptHR - Channel Islands
📍DisruptHR - Wales
📍HRTech - Copenhagen
📍Employer Of The Future - Berlin
📍Future of Work - Singapore
📍HR Champions - South Africa

In 2022 Lena received a publishing award from Brainz Magazine and co-authored a book ‘You can have it all".

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