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Growing Community: An Orbit Learning Sprint

Nov 29 (Mon), 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time (+4 more)


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Nov 29 · Mon
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Growing Community: An Orbit Learning Sprint

Join us for a free one-week community-driven sprint focusing on how to grow your community.

Growth is crucial for communities generally speaking it comes in conversations, creating value and building trust. However, community builders need to take a different approach compared to how other parts of a business traditionally grows.

In this one-week sprint we will work together to help you think about the things you need to do before you build your community.

We will cover:

- Go-To-Community Framework: an opportunity to co-create a Go-To-Community Framework

- Community Flywheels: creating and starting conversations

- Understanding The Orbit Model: The Orbit Model is a way to visualize and quantify your entire community, so you can better engage with them and provide a more valuable experience. Get guidance on how to use the framework to build your community.

How will this sprint be delivered:

- we will be live daily at midday PT

- a private Discord channel for chat

- yes, recordings, only where relevant, will be made available

- this experience is best experienced through active participation

Heads up! This is a week-long cohort-type learning sprint. It starts on Monday, November 29th!

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