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Growing Community — What does growth even mean?

Hosted by Orbit, Erin Mikail Staples & Rosie Sherry
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This is an Orbit Community Learning Sprint Week where we are focusing on ideas and perspectives to help you nurture and grow your community.

Growth is crucial for communities generally speaking it comes in conversations, creating value and building trust. However, community builders need to take a different approach compared to how other parts of a business traditionally grows.

As leaders, founders and community builders just having a community is often not good enough — we also want a successful and growing one. As community builders, we are under pressure to drive growth without a clear understanding of what that can actually mean.

A 'good community' is open to interpretation and is always context-dependent. As a growing industry, we must seek an understanding of what it means to grow as a community and how we can communicate and collaborate with other teams.

In this session we will explore:

  • how scale ≠ growth

  • community growth principles

  • communicating community value