Cover Image for BuildExpress UK Tour - Glasgow
Cover Image for BuildExpress UK Tour - Glasgow
Events that help talented folks learn, earn, and build on Solana
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Glasgow BuildExpress

Hosted by SuperteamUK & Blockstart

~ Powered by Solana & BONK

Calling all UK Entrepreneurs, Founders & Developers 🇬🇧

… FREE co-working spaces with top web3 builders

… meet VCs,

… learn GTM,

… practise pitching,

… find co-founders,

… compete for bounties

Join us or face the FOMO

Read below the full plan of the day 👇

09:00-11:00 AM - Doors Opens, Networking & Breakfast

11:20-11:35 AM - WHY HACKATHON : 

The Head of Solana Foundation's -Super Team UK :   Stephen “ CAP” Newnham will provide a understand of Blockchain and also an understanding of advantages of building on Solana and been part of STUK

11:35-12.05 AM - MY SOLANA “  SUPER TEAM “ STORY : 

Past HACKATHON ATTENDEES PANEL - Past Hack winners will talk about experiences of been a part of STUK and HACKS and what they gained from the day and continuous support they still get.

12:05-12:20 AM - WHY SOLANA : 

A deeper dive into what a successful revenue making business on SOL looks and works and why they built on SOL

12:25-12:45 AM - LET'S PLAY : ECOSYSTEM 

The first workshop to expose developers to the range of easy to access tools available on SOL and SDK support that can be found and where to find it 


CEO's and founders to be given a Notepad and CEO Blackbook with questions to answer and exercises to complete through the day that they can take with them through the journey as a founder with GTM strat , Blackbook of contacts , events , partners , VCs , VC Questions ETC 


13:30-14:15 PM - GTM STRATEGY : Web2 vs Web3

A workshop on web2 vs web3 GTM strategy what works and what hasn't worked from those that have tried. Understanding targeting , retargeting based on A16z GTM strategy by Maggie Hsu 


A deeper dive into key Github, Repo , API , SDK tools. a much deeper and more technical  exploration for potential CTOs delivered by a CTO  - Open source code in Solana Ecosystem 

14:15-14:30 PM - QUESTIONS VCs ASK & RECRUITMENT (Questions to ask a Dev)

Questions a founder will get asked and how best to answer them, as well as questions to ask developer when hiring and where are the best places to look for developers 

14:15-14:30 AM - SECURITY IN WEB3 by SEC3

Boaz Shoshan delivers his incredible Breakpoint talk on the elephant in the room of Web3 - Security standards and audits - how and why most web3 projects are destined to fail from not paying attention to the elephant in the room - SECURITY

14:30- 14:45 PM - PITCH DECK PREP

Do's and don'ts of good pitch deck,  or provide a structure to build a new pitch deck - Look at examples

14:30- 14:45 PM - STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - Sol - Ecosystem

Understanding the Grants  and bounties ecosystem and who is building what and where and how to contact them for potential collaboration - Developer tooling , Open Source Code , Technical Educational Content.


14:45-15:45 PM - Solana CTO & CEO  SUCCESS SESSIONS  - Small group practice with mentors

Founders & CEO’s :  work with workshop leaders to analyze and critic pitch decks and suggest tweaks and improvements. Public speaking and presenting skills 101

Developers : Building and testing and exploring grants, bounties, RFPs, and Solana dev tooling.


A conversation with Colin & Cap to talk about journeys in web 3 and the future of Blockstart, STUK , Solana and Scottish Ecosystem. A conversation with a leading SOL project to talk about journey from start to where they are now and most importantly transparency about obstacles and hurdles overcome. 

6.30 - 11.30 - MIXER @ KONG

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DEMO & LEARNINGS - What you NOW Know that You Didn't : 

Round table or - circle sharing findings and learnings from the day


[Rewards given - Most Progress , Most Hunger , Best Networker , Best Pitch , Best Dev]



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28 Springfield Ct, Glasgow G1 3BZ, UK
Events that help talented folks learn, earn, and build on Solana