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Great Waltham Village Hall • Meditation Class • Tuesday

Hosted by Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation
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​​​Learn To Meditate •Tuesday evenings • Great Waltham Village Hall

​Regular Meditation Practice has been shown to enhance stronger family/partner coherence, help with stronger focus and concentration reduce tension, alleviate anxiety and stress, allow for clearer thinking and less emotional turmoil.

​​​So, if you would like to enable greater creativity and enhanced performance in work, sport and play or have an increased awareness of self-understanding and self-acceptance or enhanced feelings of happiness, contentment and subjective well being, come along. ​Or maybe you are just looking for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose or spiritual advancement.​

The class can be taken in a chair or floor-based (yoga mat). Whichever you prefer. If you would like to practice from the floor you would need to bring your mat and cushions to sit on, plus a blanket to keep you warm. If you wish you can use a chair, we have plenty to go around. Suggest soft comfortable clothing.

There is always myself and Susan at each class. My classes general fill in numbers quite quickly over a short time.  My style is gentle, calm and friendly and I support all attendees in developing their practice. Homework practice between sessions is encouraged and available.

You can find out more about me here by visiting the link below, or using the link in my profile:

REFUNDS • 25% administrative charge for any refunds