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Hosted by Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation & Susan
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About Event

:​ Join these weekly classes, where you will learn to cultivate your own self-awareness as to how your energy serves you, and how to acknowledge its potential both on and off your yoga mat.

:: Each class will Open with a brief acknowledgement of Hatha Yoga, and how the presence of dynamic and static practice can enable energy flow through the body, allowing you to move into a more harmonious existence.

​:: Hatha Yoga practice for one hour with Hatha Yoga Teacher Susan. The session is for those new to Yoga or who would like to start/ restart gently. The sessions are particularly orientated to the heart chakra (Anahata), allowing you to open space to receive, accept and love more. This is followed by a short break before mindfulness Meditation with Mark.

​:: Mindfulness Meditation Practice for one hour with Mark, who is a Buddhist Mark will be covering different styles of meditation in each of the classes.

:: Bring your mat and join this unique journey to give you the union of body and Mind in 2022.

:: There is a short refreshment break from 10:20h - 1040h between the two classes.

​:: Venue is Great Waltham Village Hall, South Street, Great Waltham Essex. Please arrive in time to start the class at 09:30.

:: Maybe you would like to attend either the yoga or meditation class separately. Please see the ticketing site to do this

:: CANCELLATION POLICY:: If any classes are cancelled due to emergency government covid legislation a full refund will be given. Else, cancellation of class 14 days or more prior to starting will incur a 50% charge. cancellation of a class within 14 days prior to a class will incur a 75% charge.

:: COVID19:: All classes will adhere to covid rules.

:: By arrangement in advance ( classes are free for the financially destitute. For those not able to afford the classes, there are concessions.

:: Yoga and mindfulness Meditation classes are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. 

:: For more information on the benefits of mindfulness meditation , please goto

:: Classes are for adults 18+ only