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People and Planet Health with Pear VC's Vivien Ho

Hosted by Kaitlin Shavey & 3 others
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Pear VC is a pre-seed and seed-stage VC firm that partners with entrepreneurs from their earliest days to build category-defining companies. Pear has backed iconic companies such as Doordash, Guardant, Gusto, Branch, Vanta, Aurora Solar, Nobell Foods, and more at the earliest stages. We're company builders, having founded 12 companies: we help companies find product-market fit, recruit their first engineering hire, and overcome other critical business challenges.

Within climate, Pear has invested in companies like Aurora Solar, Nobell Foods, OneConcern, Hertha Metals, Windborne, Capella Space, Lasso, Streamline Climate, EARTH and more.

Within healthcare, Pear has invested in companies like Viz AI, Valar Labs, Osmind, ixLayer, Recora Health, Neura Health and more. Keep up with Pear at Pear Healthcare Playbook Podcast!


Vivien is a Partner at Pear and focuses on investing in health: human and planet health, working with companies such as Osmind, Conduit, Valar Labs, Neura Health, Stellation Care, Hertha Metals, Updoc AI, Guardrails AI, Streamline Climate and more.

She also leads Pear Female Founders Circle, supporting the next generation of female technical founders and runs a 10 week program twice a year.