Cover Image for GGR Leadership Office Hours
Cover Image for GGR Leadership Office Hours
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GGR Leadership Office Hours

Hosted by Heather Wendt
This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
About Event

Join us for Leadership Hours, a dynamic event designed for customer success leaders.

​This series is meant for those in Customer Success Leadership positions who are building and scaling at B2B SaaS companies.

​Whether you have done this before or find yourself in a new position - we all have something to learn from each other. This series is meant for you; no experts, no panels, no fluff - just pure connection with your colleagues.

​So come to expand your network and leave with one new idea to implement at your company.​

Don't just take it from us, here's a few quotes from members who have joined:

"This is the best hour that I spend each week. I am never disappointed to come to these sessions; frankly I wish they were more frequent."

"I look forward to these sessions - I've built a great group of leaders who I can rely on. And the best part is I've taken away several ideas to implement - helps me drive value to my team."

Format - lightly structured to drive value

  • ​5 min intro and warm up

  • ​35 min breakout rooms

    • ​Connect with a small group of peers to discuss the topic and answer questions provided to spur conversations

  • ​10 min review

    • ​Build content together to drive actionable insights for the group

  • ​5 min wrap up and cool down

​​We have two goals with every session:

  1. ​​Did you meet someone new?

  2. ​​Did you take away an actionable idea to implement?

​​That (and a few other metrics!) is how we judge success for our series.

​​Come join us, the door is open!

Upcoming Session Hosts:
April 4 - Nisha Baxi
April 18 - Vivian Toledo
May 2 - Jenny Weigle
May 16 - Dan Ennis
May 30 - TBD
June 13 - Diane Gordan
June 27 - Ashley Garza
July 11 - Julie Fox
July 25 - Vivian Toledo
August 8 - Jared Orr
August 22 - Jeremy Donaldson
September 5 - Jan Young
September 19 - Keith Plummer
October 3 - TBD
October 17 - TBD
October 31 - Emilia D'Anzica
November 14 - Brian Aherne
December 5 - Dan Ennis
December 19 - TBD


​​If you are new to GGR, welcome!

​​If you are returning, we can't wait to serve you again.

​​Gain Grow Retain exists to connect people, knowledge, and ideas to advance the state of customer success.

​​We accomplish this by:
--> Providing value with no strings attached
--> Thinking big and moving fast
--> Being authentic, transparent, and trustworthy
--> Being actively inclusive and open

​​Beyond our Office Hours series, we provide a variety of digital, virtual, and in-person experiences.

​​Check our more at!

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