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Friday Community Coworking Space



This is a multi-session event. Please select how you would like to join.
Fri, May 20
7:00 AM
Fri, Jun 3
7:00 AM
Fri, Jun 17
7:00 AM
Fri, Jul 1
7:00 AM
Fri, Jul 15
7:00 AM
Fri, Jul 29
7:00 AM

Event Information

​Does 'procrastination' ring a bell? πŸ”” Here's one easy way to boost your productivity and reduce distractions while working from home: The Butter Community Virtual Coworking Sessions!

In a nutshell:
πŸ—“οΈWeekly two-hour sessions for uninterrupted focus time;
🎯 Join with a clear project or task you can focus on for two hours.
⏰ If you show up, you stay till the end;
πŸ“Ή Cameras aren't mandatory, but keeping them on boosts accountability;
πŸ”• Eliminate distractions: Phone, Slack, infinite open tabs etc;
πŸ’¦ Stay hydrated (We won't judge if you snack on πŸͺ, or 🧈);

Session flow:
πŸ‘‹10' Check-in: introductions and share what you are working on;
πŸ…Three 25' focus time sprints + 5' break to stretch, refill and recharge;
πŸ‘‹10' Check-out & celebrate getting one step closed to your goals!Β 

​​So you can focus on what matters and reach those goals! πŸš€