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Cover Image for Founder Leverage - Scaling Fearlessly
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Founder Leverage - Scaling Fearlessly

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Scaling Fearlessly

Powered by Enshored

Finding product-market fit is a major milestone in the journey of a startup and the logical beginning of the scale-up phase. This transition brings a new slate of questions to be explored and new gauntlet of challenges to be navigated.

🎙️ On stage discussion exploring

  • Do we raise lots of capital?

  • How do we grow the team?

  • Do we focus on vertical or horizontal scaling?

  • How do we balance product and sales/marketing?

  • When do we automate processes?

  • Can we maintain the agility that let us pivot our way to PMF in the first place?

🍻 Networking reception

  • Hosted refreshments thanks to Enshored

  • Opportunity to get your questions answered

This event is part of the Founder Leverage series from The Fulcrum, an accelerator and collaborative community of innovators building the next generation of sustainable startups in the age of artificial intelligence.

This event is made possible by Enshored, a leader in business process outsourcing, which is one of the pillars of modern startup scaling and founder leverage.

​​​Scale your team. Scale your startup. Enshored Grow supports business process outsourcing for every stage startup.


Ian Jackson, CEO at Enshored

Ian is the CEO and Co-Founder of Enshored, the outsourcing partner for disruptive startups. Prior to Enshored, Ian worked in FinTech for 20 years, building niche products for Investment Bankers and Fund Managers, and driving digitization and the move to real-time financial information in Web 1.0. Following his move to California in 2012, Ian rediscovered his passion for working in and for disruptive start-ups. At Enshored, he leads vision, strategy, and sales. He continues to be led by a belief that outsourcing is a critical part of building any successful business and that the role it plays in building the global economy cannot be overlooked.

Tyler Rachal, Co-Founder & CRO at Hireframe

Tyler is one of the co-founders of Hireframe, a nearshore and offshore remote staffing company. Before Hireframe, Tyler was employee #4 at TaskUs (TASK), a publicly-traded global outsourcing firm that now has 50,000+ employees. In working closely with the fastest-growing consumer and B2B technology companies in the world, Tyler has firsthand experience building and scaling teams in Southeast Asia, Central America and the US (Texas).

Tal Flanchraych, Founder of ApplyAll

Tal Flanchraych is the founder of, a job search automation platform that applies jobseekers to hundreds of relevant jobs on their behalf. ApplyAll is bootstrapped, profitable, and reached 5-figure monthly revenues without writing a single line of code. Tal was previously the co-founder of Flywheel, an early competitor to Uber, and spent 15 years building 0-1 products within Indeed, Amazon, and a number of early-stage startups. She currently lives in LA in humble servitude of her 2 canine overlords.

150 Horizon Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA
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L.A. Tech Events
The best technology, startup, AI, entrepreneurship, & venture capital events in Los Angeles.