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Leverage Team Attention for Market Advantage

Focus Better! Leverage Team Attention for Market Advantage

Hosted by Michelle N Moore
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About Event

Learn the 5-step method for becoming one of the most highly valued, innovative teams in your industry.

Designed for knowledge worker teams such as:

Consultants, advisors, lawyers, innovators, designers, developers, strategists, futurists, researchers, writers, academics and other deep thinkers.

Want to sustain value creation without sacrificing wellbeing?

Learn to design work with the 5 elements impacting attention in mind.

  • Focus

  • Culture

  • Body Wisdom

  • Tools

  • Environment

Experience a deep-dive on the strategies & tactics needed for thriving in the decade ahead. This event is hosted by Michelle N. Moore, Founder of MindEQuity, a management consultancy. MindEQuity enables rapid work design that results in increased wellbeing, innovation and effectiveness.

At this event, Michelle shares a 5 step strategy and best practices for harnessing attention. Ultimately, you will be able to sustain value creation without sacrificing wellbeing.

Step 1: Score Your Focus via a 5 minute assessment to discover your current ability to focus.

Step 2: Attend the session! You will feel energized, empowered and excited about how to have a bigger impact in your industry.

About Michelle:

MIchelle brings 28 years global experience in large corporate technology-driven change and innovation. She spent a decade as an equity partner with Pricewaterhours Coopers and Ernst & Young serving corporate clients such as BMC Software, Kaspersky Lab, SAP, Reliance Industries, and BP.  Her social purpose clients include GrantBook Inc., Peel Art Museum & Archives, Disability Federation of Ireland.

In addition, Michelle is an advanced teacher of the MIT Presencing Institute’s Social Presencing, a set of body wisdom practices enabling teams to harness attention for insight and innovation. She is the author of a chapter in Presencing Theory U, Book 3: Collective Perspectives on Presencing, University of Laval. Michelle is a speaker with MacKay CEO Forums, Horasis Global Meeting and Management Leadership Forum. She has been featured across a variety of online media, podcasts and has appeared on Voice of America Business Channel.