Cover Image for Facilitation Safari—How many activities can we try in one hour?
Cover Image for Facilitation Safari—How many activities can we try in one hour?
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Facilitation Safari—How many activities can we try in one hour?

Hosted by Butter Community
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In just one action-packed hour, you'll dive into the world of facilitation like never before.

We're not just talking about a few activities; we're aiming to explore as many facilitation techniques as humanly possible within 60 minutes. ⚡

Here's all you need to know before the Safari 🐅🐘🦁🦒

—This isn't your typical webinar. 🙅‍♂️ Prepare to be part of an immersive experience where participation is not just encouraged—it's integral.

—Experience a wide variety of facilitation activities firsthand, from classic strategies to fun, new activities. 💃

—We'll get the opportunity to debrief together and share insights, and best practices from our work. 💡

—We'll leave with a toolkit bursting with new activities, techniques, and ideas that you can immediately implement in your next session. Transform the way you facilitate, and make every moment count.🧰

See you there!

About the hosts:

Meet Rachel Davis, a Workshop Experience Designer and Facilitator based in the United States. She has over 19 years experience across design thinking, brand and creative strategy, workshop creation, and facilitation. She’s a firm believer that play is the doorway to our wildest ideas, and as a result, she’s built her own consulting company to help others bring that joy and energy into their workshops.

Coming from an environment where being creative was like pulling teeth, she’s worked throughout her career to help others move past the thoughts that they are ‘just not creative' or they ‘don’t have good ideas.’

Anamaria Dorgo is a Community and Learning Experience Designer, Consultant, and Facilitator. She's the Head of Community at Butter, and Founder of L&D Shakers, a global community of practice for L&D professionals. With degrees in psychology and human resources, and over ten years of experience in HR, L&D, and community building, she has a lifelong commitment to learning, resulting in her creating engaging learning experiences for a global community. 

We're celebrating the launch of “Facilitation for All”— curated resources toolkit by the Butter Community, featuring the best free facilitation resources!

For the smoothest experience, do join using Google Chrome on a laptop or PC or download our desktop app. Since we're usually using MURAL or Miro in our workshops, we recommend joining in with your ad blockers turned off (temporarily) and not in incognito mode.

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