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FVM Open Hack Day

Hosted by Sarah Thiam
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About Event

About FVM
Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) is set to deliver massive impact to web3, by bringing general programmability to the Filecoin blockchain. This means enabling the creation of apps, markets and organizations around the data stored on Filecoin. FVM is being delivered in an incremental fashion and we are currently prioritizing the out-of-the-box deployment of Ethereum smart contracts (EVM) to FVM a.k.a. FEVM.

Join us at FVM's first-ever open hack day, focused on FEVM:
- Attend technical workshops from the FVM core team
- Learn about practical use cases from current FVM Early Builders and get ideas
- Hack with a community of EVM & FVM devs
- Get your hands on some limited edition FVM swag

Who is this event for?
- FVM Early Builder and interested devs
- Solidity devs
- ETH Lisbon participants (including FVM in your submission gets you additional points for the Filecoin bounties!)
- Filecoin devs and devs interested in FVM

1030 - 1100: Registration
1100 - 1200: FEVM Workshop
1200 - 1230: Filecoin Block Explorer with FEVM support by Filmine
1230 - 1330: Lunch
1330 - 1600: Open Hack
1600 - 1700: Early Builders Showcase
1700 - 1800: Happy Hour

Register and save your seat today (limited space)!
The full agenda will be emailed to registrants. Light bites and drinks will be provided to keep you hacking at your best.