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Funding the Commons Pop-Up

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Beyoğlu, İstanbul
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Funding the Commons and Bankless join Schelling Point for a morning pop-up summit at the same space where Sessions with Gitcoin x Metagov will take place in the afternoon.

The Funding the Commons Pop-Up will have informal, participatory roundtables enabling co-learning with key stakeholders in the public goods funding infrastructure ecosystem, including Juan Benet (Protocol Labs), Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin), Guo Liu (Matters Lab) and unique perspectives from project builders at IPFS, Hypercerts, Octant & more!

Jam with us in the morning, then stay for Schelling Point in the afternoon.

Please note that registration for FtC Pop-Up does NOT guarantee entry to Schelling Point Sessions in the afternoon, as there is limited space at the venue!

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Roundtable Agenda

Each roundtable will start as a structured discussion among listed speakers, then open to moderated interactive discourse with the audience.

10-11, On-Chain Data As Primitive and Building Block

Main Room


  • Ken Beckers (Hypercerts)

  • Ale Mazzi (Sovereign Nature Initiative)

  • Ataberk Casur (Inverter Network)

  • Artem B (Octant)


  • Beth McCarthy (Funding the Commons)

We’ll explore on-chain data as an essential primitive powering safe, scalable flows and structures of information – and a possibility space for incentivizable behavior and mechanism design. From verifying claims to affirming contributions, on-chain data is an a critical design space in public goods.

11-12, Infrastructure & Tooling as Network Goods’ Connective Tissue

Workshop Room


  • bumblefudge (IPFS Ecosystem Team / CASA)

  • Raymond Cheng (Open Source Observer)

  • Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin)

  • Vengi (Ethereum Ecosystem Support (MetaCartel, PublicNouns, The Open Machine)

  • Robin Berjon (IPFS)

Beth McCarthy (Funding the Commons)

The ability to store, modify and transmit information in a secure, tamper-proofed, privacy-preserving open-source format is not only essential to designing antifragile network goods infrastructures – it’s a network good itself. Expressed in diverse formats, from the smart contract level up, open-source tooling and protocols enable the interstitial framework on which the web of trust is built.

12-12:45, Getting to Paretoutopia: Collective Problem Solving for the Public Goods Funding Stack

Main Room


  • David Casey (Funding the Commons)

  • Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin)

  • James Kiernan (Octant)

  • LauNaMu (Researcher)

  • Manu Alzuru (Blockravers)

Juan Benet (Protocol Labs)

We will follow up to Juan Benet’s call to action during his “Network Structures for Funding Public Goods” talk on ZuConnect Public Goods Day, for a collective problem solving and ecosystem mapping session.

Key contributors to the Public Goods Funding Stack will join Juan for a session ideating about how we can establish a strong foundation of mutual support and collaborative work. This is part II of this participatory session, adding onto the work we initiated during ZuConnect during a workshop of the same name.

We’ll explore ideas such as:

• Ecosystem mapping applying the “blue and green fund” framework
• Definition of standards, metrics and integration among composable tooling and initiatives
• What would a state of “paretoutopia” look like, and what is required to reach it?
• Registry for projects and other anarchiving/ collective knowledge management practices
• What are we rate limited by? What are people struggling with?

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Beyoğlu, İstanbul
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