Cover Image for Bright Moments Spotlight -FOLIO- Matt DesLauriers

Bright Moments Spotlight -FOLIO- Matt DesLauriers

Hosted by Chris Wood, Irina Liakh & seth goldstein
Past Event
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Come to the Venice Beach Bright Moments Gallery for an intimate conversation with Matt DesLauriers as we shine our SPOTLIGHT on his works and showcase FOLIO throughout our gallery.

Doors - 7pm

Talk w Artist - 8pm

After party to conclude the evening.

FOLIO is a generative drawing system, inspired by concrete poetry and early computer artwork, that emits an output process for a given input. Each output may be realized digitally, in print, or through another medium. The drawing system, coded in JavaScript, recursively packs bins of data to fill the page, constrained entirely by the use of typographic glyphs and a limited mono-, duo-, or tri-colour palette.