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Cover Image for Web3 Builders | FD CAPITAL Investor Day
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Web3 Builders | FD CAPITAL Investor Day

Hosted by Dariia Vasylieva & FD CAPITAL
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🚀Join online Web3 Builders | FD CAPITAL Investor Day on February 20th at 5pm (GMT+4).

At this Demo Day, we are excited to shine a spotlight on the stellar portfolio companies of FD CAPITAL. It is our privilege to introduce you to the visionary Founding Teams behind these innovative ventures, providing a unique opportunity to learn more about their cutting-edge projects and entrepreneurial journeys.

Featured Speakers: 

  • Koby Lazar, co-founder and CEO of Eucalyptus Labs, introduces Koala Wallet, an intuitive gateway unlocking the full potential of digital assets. Lazar's journey, beginning in 2013, highlights early proficiency in crypto. As the CEO of Eucalyptus Labs, he channels deep market understanding towards pioneering the next generation of blockchain applications.

  • Larry Liu, founder of Tura blockchain is a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of expertise in distributed databases and big data, serves as the founder of Tura Blockchain. Tura Blockchain stands as the inaugural public blockchain for data fusion, addressing the most formidable challenges in Web3.

  • Farhad Rassul, co-founder and CEO of Axiym is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in marketing and sales, is the CEO & co-founder of Axiym. Axiym, a Liquidity-as-a-Service platform, addresses the immediate liquidity needs of cross-border payment providers.

  • Mr. Shipon Chowdhury, founder of MetaXSeed Games brings 25 years of technical experience,working with the leading companies around the world within Fintech, Gaming & Web3. MetaXSeed Games aims to make gaming fair for players, offering a fresh perspective for mass adoption in the Web3 gaming space.

  • Alexander Ray, co-founder and CEO of Albus Protocol, is a seasoned tech executive with 20+ years' experience in crafting infrastructure and data solutions for European businesses. He's led projects at Deutsche Bank Frankfurt and General Electric, delving into regulatory risk models. 

  • Ali Sammour, co-founder and CEO of droplinked is the visionary behind Droplinked, who spent >6 years at AddThis and helped them scale to crazy adoption and acquisition to Oracle. Team scaled FLATLAY to $25M GMV sales quarterly with large companies like Zalando to productize the experience it is today as a self-serve marketplace for DTC brands & creators.

  • Dustin Plantholt, founder of HeirStory Dustin Plantholt, founder of HeirStory, is a distinguished figure in the Washington D.C. lobbying world. HeirStory is at the forefront of digital legacy preservation, utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs to offer a unique platform for sharing and safeguarding family stories.

  • Henry Erimodafe, founder of Abrod stands as a beacon of innovative thinking in the global business domain, particularly renowned for his forward-looking contributions to the African Diaspora and financial inclusion. His tenure in leadership roles, such as the Chief Executive Officer at UBS Nigeria, Lagos, and Executive Director at UBS WM International, Zurich, Head of Private Banking Africa at Bank Julius Bär, showcases his knack for pioneering solutions to intricate financial challenges.

    🗓️ Feb 20, 2024, 17:00 (GMT+4)
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Media coverage for the event is robust, with esteemed partners such as cryptorank, TheNewsCryptoCoinEasy, Coinvoice, BlockDelta contributing to awareness within the startup landscape, fostering a broad and engaging dialogue among stakeholders. 

As the event unfolds, it promises to catalyze innovative discussions and propel the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors forward, shaping the future of entrepreneurship, innovations and technology.
FD CAPITAL, is a VCaaS firm redefining the investment landscape in the rapidly evolving Web3 market. Their distinct business model provides investors with unparalleled access to a diverse array of burgeoning blockchain ventures. Beyond offering financial support, FDC delivers a comprehensive package of services, including essential funding, strategic advisory, and valuable resources, all designed to elevate early-stage startups and entrepreneurs with a focused strategy to achieve mainstream adoption.

About Web3 Builders | FD CAPITAL Investor Day
Regular event fostering open dialogue and collaboration between investors and Web3 projects globally with the goal of nurturing a dynamic ecosystem that fosters strategic partnerships and investment opportunities. It serves as a crucial element in investor relations efforts and is designed to uphold transparency, disseminate strategic initiatives, market positioning, and future growth prospects, while fostering enduring partnerships within the VC ecosystem. Explore the historical lineup.

About Albus Protocol
Albus Protocol provides a KYC- and AML-compliant identity and Compliance-as-a-Service on-chain for Web3 projects. Albus Protocol’s purpose is, by ensuring regulatory compliance, enabling DeFi platforms and protocols to work with institutional clients or trade security tokens.

About Droplinked
Droplinked cracking the code on decentralized commerce with the mission to support the next billion companies, creators and customers to earn together through decentralized affiliate infrastructure. The protocol sets the standard for Web3 community commerce where every authenticated retailer, marketplace and dApp can take advantage of the decentralized inventory management and sales tracking.

About Tura Blockchain 
Tura Blockchain employs a scale-out architecture with horizontal scaling to facilitate data-centric use cases at significantly low costs. Develop data applications on all fused data to innovate new business models and deliver added value to Web3. Streamline complexity and enhance efficiency by integrating your data, AI, and governance strategies seamlessly.

About Koala Wallet
Built by Eucalyptus Labs, Koala Wallet provides the intuitive gateway to unlocking the full potential of your digital assets - not just locking them away. Koala Wallet partners directly with layer-1s to onboard their entire blockchain ecosystems and communities.

About Axiym
Axiym is a Liquidity-as-a-Service platform for financially licensed MSBs, addressing the immediate liquidity needs of cross-border payment providers to solve their pre-funding issues. In short, "We fund cross-border payments" by offering MSBs short-term bursts of liquidity. With the 'bridge-fi' thesis—blockchain in the back and fintech in the front—Axiym can accommodate and work MSBs by giving them all the benefits of the blockchain within a 100% pure fintech experience.

About MetaXSeed Games
MetaXSeed Games is an evolution from the current generation of web3 game studios and offers a completely fresh perspective for mass adoption. Their players can play any game, use the same digital assets in multiple games and be rewarded daily for the activities. One click onboarding into 30+ studio games (PC/mobile), invisible web3 & share up to 60% of ad revenue with players. Single utility token ($XSEED) will power the entire ecosystem including gas fees, and purchase currency for NFTs, nodes and RWA.

About Heir Story
HeirStory is at the forefront of digital legacy preservation, leveraging blockchain and NFTs. Our platform securely shares family stories, immortalizing personal narratives. They empower individuals to preserve legacies through innovative tech, ensuring enduring memories for future generations.

About Abrod 
Abrod is an integrated platform for the African Diaspora to engage with their home countries, thereby contributing to their economic and social development (Diaspora Direct Funding, Remittance, Payments). It's a one-stop platform that makes it easier for the Diaspora to engage and contribute to solving existing challenges in Africa, for the benefit of millions of Africans in these underdeveloped communities.

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