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Web3 Builders | FD CAPITAL Investor Day

Hosted by Dariia Vasylieva, FD CAPITAL & CRYPTO EXECUTIVES
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About Event

With great enthusiasm, we unveil the forthcoming FD CAPITAL Investor Day "Web3 Builders", an extraordinary event poised to spark innovation and collaboration within the Web3 landscape. This occasion promises to be a symphony of visionary minds, ingenious creators, and astute investors, converging to explore the boundless potential of blockchain technology.

The FD CAPITAL Investor Day is poised to become a staple on the industry calendar, a recurring event that serves as a beacon of open dialogue and partnership. At its core lies a commitment to transparency and partnership-building, symbolizing the fusion of creative brilliance and the dynamic venture capital ecosystem.

"We believe in the transformative power of Web3 technologies, and the Investor Day is a testament to our dedication to fostering an environment where ideas flourish and partnerships thrive," says Dariia Vasylieva, Founding Partner at FD CAPITAL. "It's an opportunity for the best minds in the industry to come together, exchange insights, and collectively shape the future of decentralized technologies."

This event stands as a testament to FD CAPITAL's mission to champion forward-thinking ventures, and its resonance with a rapidly evolving landscape that's redefining the tech industry. The Investor Day serves as an avenue for the most innovative creators and disruptive startups to intersect with forward-looking investors who share the same vision.

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🗓 29 August 2023, 17:00 (GMT+4)
📍Online, Zoom

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