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Private Event

Investor Poker Night 🎱🃏🥃

Hosted by Isabelle Cloud
Past Event
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About Event

Step into a world where strategy, decision-making, and calculated risks converge in the form of a poker tournament designed exclusively for investors and fund LPs. As the chips stack higher, so does the thrill, and the stakes couldn't be higher as strategic minds clash in a battle of wits.

Against an ambiance of elegance, the poker tables become arenas for tactical maneuvers and mental agility. Each play mirrors the investment landscape, where understanding probabilities and gauging opponents' intentions are essential skills.

Join us for a gathering that merges intellectual finesse with the intricacies of the game, demonstrating that the ability to read patterns extends far beyond charts and financial statements. As the cards are dealt and the bets are placed, remember that behind the game lies the essence of what drives success in both the financial and poker realms: calculated, well-informed decision-making.

*If you're not a poker player, join us for some drinks, pool, ping-pong, or big-size Jenga. There will be food and drinks on the house.

💰There will be a $40 cash buy-in and one rebuy. Make sure to bring the dollars.

Registration Approval: As this is a strict investor event only, your registration has to be approved to join, you'll get notified once approved.

Our biggest thanks to Nano Banc who are making this evening possible!

At Nano Banc we are dedicated to changing banking for the better by striving to deliver exceptional financial products and services that exceed our client’s expectations while fostering strong community involvement and helping businesses grow.

We do that by:

  • Offering a level of service other banks (especially the large money-center and regional banks) can’t match.

  • Working with our clients to create competitive, customized banking solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs and the time our clients spend on banking tasks.

We're looking forward to seeing you!