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Evolving Technical Professionals

Hosted by EWB Australia
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For 17 years EWB Australia has been nurturing the growth of ‘humanitarian engineering’.

We have cultivated and activated a movement of new-look engineers. They are future-fit professionals, grounded with a community-first mindset and equipped with activated social and technical skills. They are capable of sensitively ideating solutions for global issues, at all levels.

Yet we live and learn within structures and power imbalances that reinforce the very issues we are trying to solve.

We invite you to join our panelists for an invigorating exploration on the role of an engineer in relationship to issues such as inequality and climate change. On how to navigate power, rank, agency, positionality and sphere of influence.

How can we support individuals, organisations and the sector to be enabled to act, so that we have the best chance of a future that is regenerative, inclusive and whole?