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Leader Elevate Virtual

Hosted by PreSales Collective Enablement & 3 others
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Welcome to Presales Leadership, where the success of your team and your company depends on your ability to elevate the skills of your Solutions Consultants. If you’ve been grasping at straws to formulate a reliable process for PreSales maturity, performance, and scale, Leader Elevate is here to help. Our vision is to empower emerging presales leaders around the world through immersive virtual experiences that ignite their potential and drive real-world success.

Pricing: $2599

Our Virtual Leadership Series offers:

  • Comprehensive Learning: Dive into multi-session workshops with bi-weekly sessions spanning two weeks, providing over 12 hours of valuable content.

  • Exclusive Membership: Gain access to the PreSales Leadership Collective.

  • Strengths Assessment: Discover your strengths with a professional Gallup Coach.

  • Network Building: Expand your network and share insights.

  • Tailored Curriculum: Crafted exclusively for presales professionals.

  • Immediate Impact: Empower your team and make an instant difference.

  • Organizational Growth: Recognize how individual success fuels the organization.

Join us to unlock your leadership potential, elevate your team, and bring presales excellence to the forefront of the virtual landscape. Redefine presales leadership with us.

7 Going