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Pear Speaker Series: Fireside Chat with Edward Kim, Co-founder and Head of EPD at Gusto

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Pear VC is thrilled to continue our Speaker Series with Co-founder and Head of EPD at Gusto, Edward Kim. The Pear VC Speaker Series is inclusive of prominent tech leaders and their insights on effective leadership, entrepreneurship, and lessons learned throughout their careers.


Edward's journey began with a foundation in electrical engineering at Stanford University. After co-founding a social networking startup called Picwing, Edward Kim's path led him to Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll). Here, he co-founded a platform that revolutionized human resources, payroll, and benefits administration for businesses of all sizes. Through his leadership, Gusto has become synonymous with user-friendly, efficient solutions that streamline HR tasks. Edward's dedication to leveraging technology for practical solutions has not only transformed how companies manage their workforce but also exemplified his commitment to improving workplace experiences. His story serves as an inspiration to those aiming to merge technology and business acumen to create lasting impact.


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