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State of Edtech Fundraising - Open Discussion

Hosted by Transcend Network
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What is the current state of fundraising in Edtech?

2022 has been quite a challenging year for early-stage founders building in this space. Amidst a growing funding crisis, startups have had to shift their focus towards sustainability and rethink entirely whether to raise or nor to raise?...

Naturally, several questions come up if you are someone building a product or service in edtech
👉 Will the funding slowdown continue through 2023?
👉 What are the latest trends among edtech investors?
👉 How has this recession affected early startup valuations? And,
👉 What can early-stage founders building in this space expect in 2023?

Join us on November 30 as we host some of the leading investors in edtech for an Open Discussion on the State of Edtech Fundraising!

Our speaker line up👇
🔸 Alberto Arenaza - Founder & Partner @ Transcend Fund

🔸 Jan Lynn Matern - Founder & Partner @ Emerge Education

🔸 Jessica Millstone - Managing Director @ Copper Wire Ventures

🔸 Steve Kupfer - Venture Partner @ Reach Capital

In this session we will try to understand from our speakers, what investors are looking out for in 2023, and how early-stage founders and operators can navigate the challenges laying ahead.

This event is open to all and free to join! You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have in our open QnA and receive insights from edtech focused investors!