Building Impactful ERGs



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Has your company started Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and then said, “there ya go, inequities are solved?” Maybe your company is thinking of taking the first steps to start ERGs, or maybe ERGs are a new term altogether?

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve historically marginalized or underrepresented communities. They act as culture-builders that can provide members with a voice and visibility, create a sense of community and drive change toward a more equitable workplace. While organizations typically have the best intentions when formalizing these groups, ERGs must be set up for success to be worthwhile for those who lead the groups, as well as for the general members they engage.

Join us for Building Impactful ERGs, a workshop hosted by Guishard Revan, Global DEI Expert. Whether you’re a DEI/HR professional, advocate, ally, enthusiast, people manager, or leader, Guishard will break down how to foster meaningful change through ERGs within your organization.

  • ​In this workshop, you will learn:

    • What are ERGs, why are they important, and how to get started

    • The role of leadership, HR and DEI in the formalizing/fostering of ERG success

    • ERG governance, structure, and goals/pillars

    • Driving ERG strategy and measuring impact

    • Keeping the momentum and considerations for continued success

Badass Host: Guishard Revan—Global DEI expert, strategist, avid writer, basketball enthusiast, community builder.

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